Calculate your AMS

How to Know his Aerobic Maximal Speed
(AMS or VMA in french)

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Définition : the Aerobic Maximal Speed is the maximal average speed (in kph) which you can maintain by running between 7 and 8 min.

She is determined by a test on the ground by following a precise protocol. There is several there, but the rule remains the same : we increase gradually the speed of travel by landing (approximately 2 min) and when we manage more to follow the rhythm imposed, the test stops.

Your AMS is the speed which you reached during your last complete landing.

Personally, I use the Test of AMS Léger Boucher version run with beacons all the 50m and the 1,75 kph increase every 2 minutes.

If you do not have the possibility of taking such a test, you can determine (with a certain margin of error however more you take away you from 2000m) your AMS from a distance of competition:

2000m = 100 % of AMS – Table of Correspondence

5000m = between 95 And 90 %

10km = between 90 and 87.5 %

1/2 marathon = 87.5 and 80 %

Marathon = between 80 and 65 %

For example, if you possess a record on 10km 40min, your AMS is situated between 16,5 kph and 16,9 kph.