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Philippe Lavieille – Trainer of runner since 1989.

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Trainer of long-distance race and professional of the APS since almost 30 years, I decided to share in all of my experience. Of university education, I took the Certificate of State 2nd degree option chases at the same time as the Control STAPS Option « Training » in the UFRSTAPS of Lyon at the end of the 80s.
Athlete myself, « miller » specialized, stopped the competition of national level, three years after my National title championchip (Nat II) of 3000m steeplechase in 1991.

I pulled hundreds of athletes in particular Frédéric Martin who became Record holder for France of the 15km routes U20 and U23 in 1998 (he is always in 2019 !!!). I also pulled during 10 years (and keep punctually advising it) the Champion of France 2015 of mountain race Renaud Jaillardon.

Hardly these very enriching experiences, I decided to share with the largest number, whatever the level of practice, the availability or the motivation of each.

For that purpose, I compiled the principles of the thorough training resting on of numerous years of experience, what allows me to draw up plans of training adapted (custom-made product), in your profile to prepare the competition which you chose.

It is enough for it to specify me the date of your objective of race, the distance of race, number of weeks whom you have to prepare this event, number of sessions a week that you are ready to dedicate and the most important, your Aerobic Maximal Speed.

Indeed, it is this value allows me to define the looks of races (heating, sessions, recovery) of the plan of training.



Philippe Lavieille – Married – 2 children – born in 1964
Records : 800m 1’51″59 / 1000m 2’25″4 / 1500m 3’46″2 / 3000m 8’19″5 / 3000m steeple 8’49″63
Prize list: champion of France « National 2 » of 3000m steeple 1991
Vice-champion of University France on 1500m indoor 1992