If you are tempted by the adventure of the Marathon (or of a lower distance) or if you wish to dash into Trail but if you hesitate because you dont know how to get ready for it, I can help you, in only 2 clicks.

Indeed, hardly of 25 years of experiment as professional trainer, I propose you a plan of training adapted to your qualities, your availability and your personal investment.

For all the long-distance runners, you can find on this site the possibility of planning seriously your preparation to participate in a event of running (of the 10km in the marathon – and even for Trails in 60 / 70km).

If you intend to participate in one 10km, one 1/2 marathon or still the legendary distance of the marathon, a meticulous preparation is imperative.

For a long preparation ( 20 weeks) or short (8) that you have a lot of time to prepare it (6 sessions a week) or less (2 sessions minimum), you will can find effective answers.

With a planning adapted to your capacity (according to the performance that you envisaged) can reach the envisaged goal.

Do not hesitate in you visit the page  » Chronometric plan  » where you can choose your plan of training according to the « stopwatch » that you envisaged in two clicks!!!

Or, for a more precise planning and if you know your AMS (or VMA in French – to see  » Calculate your AMS « ) appointment on the page  » AMS Plan  » or « Trail Plan » where you will determine your plan of training according to your personal Aerobic Maximal Speed, the whole in 2 clicks only.

PS: you can find 3000 plans of different trainings …